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2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Garden State Crew-zers, PT Cruiser Alliance member
Caldwell, NJ 07006-5414

I came up with the name "Old's Cool" because it's how I've always liked my cars- old school. Every car I've ever owned (with VERY few exceptions) has had SOME measure of customization done to it. "Old's Cool" is my latest.

I fell in love with the PT Cruiser the first time I saw one back in 2000. I've always wanted one. I envisioned building an "old school" hot rod with new technology, and the PT lends itself perfectly to that vision.

My PT was purchased brand new on March 06, 2010, from John Schell at Warnock Chrysler in East Hanover, NJ. I bought her right out of the showroom- with 5 miles on the odometer. From the very beginning, Tom Hardy (former Warnock Service Manager), Mark Peltz (Warnock's Body and Paint Shop Manager) and I have had a FANTASTIC relationship. I come in with an idea in my head and they transform it into reality. It's a beautiful thing!

For some of my more 'mainstream' aftermarket custom work, I have Nick and Angel at Mobile Sound in Clifton, NJ. Angel has been doing automotive installation for 25+ years and his work demonstrates this. Again- it's a case of where I come in with an idea in my head, Angel and I sit down, talk it thru, and he makes it happen. It's, again, a beautiful thing!

"Old's Cool" 's custom graphics are handled solely by Custom Vinyl Design - Lake Hopatcong, NJ's Larry DiCola. He's proven himself to be more than capable of creating anything I can dream up (and those of you who REALLY know me know that my brain can conjure up some truly insane things!) I am blessed to have such talent at my PT's core! Thanks, guys!