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Boston Acoustics Premium Sound Package upgrade- OEM Chrysler P05091523AN, RAK, AM/FM/CD/CAS/AUX radio w/Sirius XM Satellite (from a Chrysler 300), Chrysler 5064118AL 368 watt power amp, driving 2 BA S35 3.5", 30 watt speakers (in the dash), 2 BA SR95 6"x9" 75 watt speakers (in the front doors) 2 BA S65 6.5" 35 watt speakers (in the rear doors) and 1 BA G108 8", 200 watt subwoofer hidden behind driver's side rear hatch panel (yes- it's factory!). After that, things get a bit 'loud'er...

Rear speaker box (my own idea and it's removable!): Genuine Marshall MG412A (angled front) 4x12 speaker cabinet, loaded with 4 Atlas 12CX, 12", 250 watts (@ 8 ohms) speakers. Cabinet rewired for stereo, speakers paired (upper/lower) and Switchcraft stereo 1/4" locking phone jacks are spliced into the OEM wiring harness to run off the rear door speakers. Speakers pump out 125 watts @ 4 ohms apiece / 250 watts @ 4 ohms per side, 500 watts @ 4 ohms total output for the cabinet. Total "Old School" sound!I named this cabinet, "Mr. Scary" (after Dokken lead guitarist George Lynch's guitar solo)!